Bek Chek with your Money?

Are you constantly worried, frustrated, and always needing more Money? This is a clear indication of an unhealthy relationship with your Money... #bekchek

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t's been a while but, you know, I used to have a very unhealthy relationship with food. I either abuse it or deny it completely, Whenever I look in the mirror, I blame food for what I see and I never saw that its my own mindset around personal responsibility, health and fitness that is really the problem. I blamed everything on food. My relationship with food means I don't enjoy it even when I have it. Back then, I experienced nothing but “Bek Chek” when it comes to food. This is the same with money.

When you have an unhealthy relationship with money, nothing works. You either abuse it or deny it completely. You look in the mirror and you will blame money for what you see and never see that its your own mindset around personal responsibility, money and success that is really the problem. You only oscillate between not-enough-money and temporary money. Its so tiring. Only when we fix that, now you can pursuit the correct investments with the correct attitude and get the correct outcome for the kind of life you are building.

But how do we actually do that? How do we repair our relationship with Bek Chek (frustrated, pent-up, stuck) Money and build a joyous financial life?


Money as a Living Organism.

Read about how Money is a symbiotic living organism and how your relationship with Money is exactly the same as your relationship with a spouse or a loved one.


Jason Jang, JJ Dynamite, was born and raised in Singapore.

He is a full time options income investor for more than 23 years and has helped thousands of people find more flexibility and options in life through the power of income investing. Born in Singapore, worked in China, married in Korea and now living in New York, he appeared on TV in various countries like Singapore, China and Korea and is author of the and freedom Youtuber of “Singaporean in Korea”. Above all, he is a champion of freedom lifestyle through income investing..

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