A international nonprofit association of socially responsible income investors with a heart for global impact and transformation of lives around the world. It is the community for all income investors who graduated from the Dynamic Evolution Income Strategy course by JJDynamite LLC. Through this group, financial growth program and investing support, personal growth and development programs and socially responsible community projects will be launched. Income and merit achievers will also be recognized on an annual basis in our annual dinner as well as our annual magazine. Inaugural party for the First Miracle Investor Group is set at the end of August 2023 in Australia.

Supporting Your Financial & Personal Growth

Our programs and platforms designed especially to create a transformational environment for our members


Financial Growth

- Monthly Live Seminar

- Exclusive Live Chat

- 100K Challenge

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Personal Growth

- Book club

- Monthly seminar

- Mastermind program


Community Service

- Adopting charities & community service programs


Recognition Programs

- Annual D&D

- FMG DNA Awards

- Achiever Awards



Veteran investor and educator based in Singapore. His love and passion for helping the community and changing lives allowed him to rise stratospherically through the early formation of this company and the life transformation system to be widely recognized as a leader. His servant heart and deep passion for helping and educating people allowed him to play a pivotal role in this new association.


Technical Director

Ludovic Chou is based in Australia and was a long time student of Jason Jang before growing to his maximum potential in the Dynamic Evolution Course. His attention to technical details and for data picking allows him to quickly stand out and he helped his peers with great picks that gave his peers and other intakes great account growth. He will be helping to improve our strategy as we move forward into the future.


Chief Strategist

Yu Wei from Australia came to the group with deep expertise in day trading. However, after being introduced to the power of I mindset Income Investing, his direction completely switched from that of a trader to an investor and has been breaking new grounds in this new methodology. His deep interest in discovering new ways to push profitability and consistency of the strategy is going to be vital to the growth and success of the group.

Financial Growth Program Details


Monthly Live Seminar

Live seminar over zoom on the final Saturday of each month that covers:

- Investment highlights of the month

- Strategy updates and developments

- Personal highlights

- FMG group updates and developments


Exclusive Live Chat

Exclusive access to our live chat platform where members share real time investment ideas, help each other and encourage each other


100K Challenge

One of the main objective of the association is to act as a bridge for our members between graduating from the Dynamic Evolution Income Investment Course and making their first 100K in order to participate in the Millionaire Club program. As such, challenge programs and plans will be created to help members achieve this goal.

Personal Growth Program Details


Book Club

One's personal growth must always be ahead of one's financial growth. There is no better way to grow as a person than through the study of great books. Our book club program will study one great book every month in order to ensure all members grow as a person as quickly as their wealth is.


Monthly Personal Growth Seminar

A monthly one hour seminar on various important personal growth topics that includes money psychology, leadership, attitude and mindset to make sure you grow faster than your money is.


Mastermind Program

Engaging the best coaches in the industry to conduct Mastermind groups based on John Maxwell's personal growth and leadership books in order to put these knowledge into practical application in everyday life.

Community Service

There is no better way to start building a life of SIGNIFICANCE than to start giving back to our community in both expertise and money. Our community service initiative identifies charities and community projects that members can get involved in in order to truly experience a life of giving and greater impact.

Current Adopted Charity


Number of Community Projects


Achievement Awards

Giving recognition to our outstanding and upstanding members in both areas of personal growth and financial growth. This will happen during our official annual Dinner and Dance where nominated recipients will receive their awards on stage.

FMG DNA Awards

This series of awards give recognition to individuals who has displayed within the association and in their communities, exemplifications of our core values:

1. Abundance Mindset

2. Personal Growth

3. Community Service

4. Family Service

5. Charitable Giving

Earnings Achiever Awards

This series recognizes an individual's personal investment income achievements in the following:

1. Bronze Pin: Achieving 10K in Profits

2. Silver Pin: Achieving 100K in Profits

3. Gold Pin: Achieving 500K in Profits

4. Diamond Pin: Achieving 1 Million in Profits

Association Statistics


Number of Members

Since inauguration in Aug 2023.


Years Active

Since inauguration in Aug 2023


Community Projects

Since inauguration in Aug 2023