Are you actually a GAMBLER who thinks you are an INVESTOR?

Have you always thought of yourself as an investor but you never seem to have any consistency of results and returns in either your "investments" or your relationships or life itself? If so, you might actually be a Gambler under a spell...


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There was a time in the world when the mainstream idea of success was honest hard work and gradual step by step success. A period when mankind generally understood that there is no shortcut to success and that all greatness is created through consistent hard work, day by day. That Rome was not built in a single day.

However, all that changed after a historical event took place in 1849. In fact, this event was so groundbreaking that experts and historians today agree that this was the turning point in the history of mankind’s pursuit of success and happiness, the redefinition of the American dream.

The event was the Gold Rush of 1849...

The Gambler mindset is born and in fact, it became mainstream...

What exactly is the Gambler mindset and why am I under a Gambler's Spell?


The ONE SINGLE Difference between a Gambler and an Investor is...

Read about the one single difference between a Gambler and an Investor and how that led the 4 different manifestations of the Gambler mindset in our lives, leading to the 3 inevitable outcomes.


Jason Jang, JJ Dynamite, was born and raised in Singapore.

He is a full time income investor for more than 23 years and has helped thousands of people find more flexibility and options in life through the power of income investing. Born in Singapore, worked in China, married in Korea and now living in New York, he appeared on TV in various countries like Singapore, China and Korea and is author of the and freedom Youtuber of “Singaporean in Korea”. Above all, he is a champion of freedom lifestyle through income investing..

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