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Its time to BULLETPROOF your life and create a complete new life of Choices, Abundance & Significance

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"Most people are GAMBLERS under the delusion that they are INVESTORS, thats the whole problem." - JJ Dynamite

Stage One (1): Income Investing Prep Course

Beginner course in income investing. Learn how to make 1% to 10% monthly recurring income to prepare for the Dynamic Evolution Income Strategy

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Stage One (2): Dynamic Evolution Income Investment Strategy

The income investment strategy to create up to 20% monthly recurring income. This will gain them membership in the First Miracle Investor Group

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Stage Two: The Millionaire Club

A one year closed accelerator program where members receive support, mentorship and a plan to grow 100k into their first million over the course of one year

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Stage Three: Dynamite Global Impact Team

Elite group of multimillionaire income investors seeking and working on impactful solutions for a better world

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Jason Jang, JJ Dynamite, is a full time income investor since 2004. He has helped thousands of people find more flexibility and options in life through the power of income investing.

Born in Singapore, worked with the Chinese government as investment consultant, married in Korea and now living in New York. He appeared in magazines and on TV in various countries like Singapore, China and Korea and is author of the and is the freedom lifestyle Youtuber of β€œSingaporean in Korea”.

His greatest value add to the world is a system of recurring income investment that he used to fuel a freedom lifestyle around the world for 11 years.

In 2023, he realized a greater vision for this amazing investment strategy. Why don't he create an army of financially successful investors who will come together to impact the world in a positive way? The 3 stage life transformation system is born. Are you ready for the transformation too?

Lives Transformed So Far: 41