JJDynamite LLC, Florida, is Jason Jang aka JJ Dynamite's company in the United States.

Established in 2023 after JJ Dynamite came to New York in 2022, it has since became the platform through which he transforms lives through coaching, book writing and keynote speaking. His signature course is a 3 stage life transformation system built around an income investment strategy that produces 10% or more predictable income every month.

With the power of predictable fixed income investment and compound interest, becoming a millionaire is no longer a "if" but just a matter of time and compounding. He very quickly realized that having such a power do not solve the problems of life itself. In fact, money without the appropriate guidance towards a life of significance very quickly turns into a life of self destruction.

This was how the 3 stage life transformation system is born. Through Jason's realization that money only solves a part of the problem of life but that guidance around how to go through all 3 stages of life development: Scarcity to Abundance to Significance, is the key to a fulfilling and rewarding life not only for the individual but for the world.

Are you ready to become an ASSET to the world?

Company Address: 7901 4TH ST N STE 300, ST PETERSBURG, FL, USA 33702 7901 4TH ST N STE 300, ST PETERSBURG, FL, USA 33702

Company Telephone: +1 (904) 299-6093 

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